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February 13,2009

  • Secure Your Credit Future w/Secured Cards, Pt.2
      Trust, security and protection.


    If you're interested in building a healthy credit standing with your secured credit card (most people are), make sure you select a lender that works with a major credit reporting bureau. The three major ones in the US are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. This is the way to get your good name out there. Just about every (if not all) major lending institution relies on, at least, one of the bureaus, not just for credit cards. So if you care about good credit, when choosing a secured credit card account, make sure the lender reports your good standing to one of these bureaus.

    Finding and Picking the Right One: Secured credit cards are not marketed as aggressively as conventional cards so it may take a little more effort to find your best deal. Many local bank or credit unions offer secured credit cards and they are very easy to find on-line. A good place to start is right here. You can find just about every deal imaginable right from our home page. You can, and should, be picky but with all those choices, you're sure to find one you like.

    Flee those Fees: You may not escape them but, you can make a big dent. You could be bridled with $200 per year with or slip by with only $25 per year. Which do you prefer? Check out our home page and see. Watch out for the hidden fees that don't automatically catch your eye. Some secure credit card lenders have fees for processing', membership', setup', maintenance', registration', tuition and lab' (only kidding), credit protection' as well as other schemes. Just go for the one with a bare $25 annual fee. Ask focused questions over the phone or, better still, get something in writing. Try to avoid up-front fees, if you can.

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