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February 11, 2010

  • Merchants Fight Back With Fraud Score, Pt.2
      Unique features reveal fraud.


    How does Fraud Score work?

    The software has a unique feature called Address Verification System (AVS). The feature verifies the credit card customer's billing address and assures it matches the address on file with the bank.
    Another valuable feature is History. The History feature checks the credit cardholder's background to assure he does not have a previous record for fraud.
    Geographical IP is a feature that identifies the customer's physical location, if the location is a high risk area and determines if the location matches the credit card information.
    The Proxy Detection ensures that the purchaser has not stolen someone else's computer information.
    An Email and Login check feature verifies the email address is a valid email and has not been associated with any fraudulent activity in the past.
    Issuing Bank Identification Number (BIN) verifies that the cardholder's bank and credit card information match. Merchants will find Fraud Score easy to integrate into their business because signing for the service is simple and the program does not require the credit card customer to submit any additional information.

    Along with the new Fraud Score software, Volusion is also offering five additional new products, all designed to enhance the merchants' websites along with the added fraud protection. Volusion customers that have already signed on for the latest version of the ecommerce software are eligible for an immediate add-on o the new services.

    Volusion makes it very easy for their customers to sign up for the Fraud Score by logging into their account online. Credit cardholders will be happy to learn that Volusion has an impressive list of online clients that take consumer safety and security seriously. Some of their customers include Disney, Motorola, Michigan State University, 3M, the Chicago Tribune, and Sun and Ski Sports. Volusion has been a leader in shopping card software for over a decade. They have contributed to the success of thousands of online merchants. The company is privately owned.

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