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June 03, 2011

  • Don't Be Robbed Of Your Summer Fun, Pt.1
       Communicating can be key.

    Many Americans will be traveling during the Summer months with great anticipation and excitement of fun things to enjoy. Unfortunately, for some Americans debit and credit card thieves will rob them of their summer fun and move their relaxation into a nightmare. Illegal activities of these thieves range from skimming your debit and credit card information while pumping gas and dining out to phishing emails with promises of super travel and vacation discounts. If you are traveling this summer or just taking a one day excursion to the theme park, you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of debit and credit card thieves and of losing access to your funds by following taking some simple precautions. Here are some tips on protecting your summer fun.

    1. Ask a trustworthy neighbor or friend to pick up your daily mail to prevent a thief from accessing any credit card or bank statements or information that may arrive. Most banks and credit card companies offer paperless statements. You can reduce the risk of a thief stealing your statements by signing up for paperless statements online.

    2. Credit card legislation prohibits lenders from sending cardholders blank promotional checks without their consent. Reduce your risk of becoming a victim of credit card fraud by contacting your lender and requesting that they do not send you any blank promotional checks.

    3. Many debit and credit cards will not work outside the U.S. If you will be traveling abroad, don't get stuck without available funds. Contact your bank or card company and tell them you will be traveling out of the country. Check to ensure that your credit or debit card will be accessible during your foreign travels. Verify that the company has the most current cell phone number in case the fraud department attempts to verify an overseas purchase. If you should miss their call, they will most likely shut off your credit.

    Learn about other ways that you can protect your holiday fun in part 2.

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