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June 07, 2011

  • Don't Be Robbed Of Your Summer Fun, Pt.3
       Anticipate the worst.


    7. We don't typically anticipate becoming ill or experiencing some other unforeseen accident but these events can interrupt travel plans. Many debit and credit cards protect cardholders from the loss of cancellation plans because of unforeseen circumstances. If your debit or credit card does not cover cancellation fees or loss, many travel agents or travel websites offer trip insurance. If you have placed a large non-refundable deposit or paid in advance for any airline or cruise, purchasing trip insurance can reduce your risk of being robbed of that long awaited vacation. Check with your debit or credit card company to determine if you are protected for trip cancellation. When purchasing trip insurance, check to see under what circumstances you'll be protected.

    8. The average American carries between 6 and 8 debit and credit cards. Large networks such as Visa and MasterCard are typically accepted worldwide. Reduce your risk of becoming a victim of fraud by selecting only a couple of the primary debit and credit cards you'll need on your trip while being selective on how you use them. Social Security numbers or cards should never be carried in your purse or wallet on a daily basis or while traveling.

    9. When using your debit or credit card, always be aware of your surroundings, individuals that may be nearby, or unusual devices that may be attached to automatic teller machines (ATM). Whenever possible, only use ATMs that are inside or attached to bank branches.

    10. Carry a coded list in a safe place or have an available contact that can supply you with debit and credit card data and contact information if you should become a victim of a pick pocket or lose your card. You'll need this information to report a stolen or lost card.

    11. Continue to monitor your bank and credit card statements while traveling and when you return home. If you do not travel with you own personal laptop or do not have internet access on your mobile device, be cautious when using any public computer. Under these circumstances it is always best to utilize your bank or lenders toll free customer service number to check transactions and balances.

    Wherever you travel whether it far or near, following these simple steps can reduce your chances of being robbed of your summer fun.

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