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June 13, 2011

  • Russians Test New ATM Technology, Pt.2
       How can they be sure of reliability?


    Speech Technology Center designed the new ATM with a lie detector device which Sberbank hopes will help to reduce credit card fraud and identity fraud. Criminals will often steal the personal data from consumers and use it to open up fraudulent credit card accounts. According to Dmitri V. Dyrmovsky, Director of the Speech Technology's Moscow offices stated that the company used the voices of individuals that had been recorded by Russian law enforcement and found to have lied under interrogation. The device is the first of its kind to be

    One ATM with lie detector capabilities has been installed inside an office building at the Sberbank's Branch of the Future laboratory. The bank expects to roll out the new ATM with the lie detecting capabilities intended to assist consumers in applying for a credit card account throughout the country, however, no schedule has been released. If the device is implemented nationwide, it will be the first of its kind to be used globally in the credit card application process.

    Could the new ATM with the lie-detecting capabilities go too far and be considered invasive? Many Russians don't fear an invasion of their privacy because it is believed that they have already become accustomed to their governments watchful eye. Furthermore, a bank representative noted that the new device adheres to all Russian privacy laws. Americans on the other have, may be very hesitant to use the machine especially credit cardholders who have already been slow to embrace new technology that might give them less control in managing their personal data.

    Although Turkey banks have been using ATMs in the credit card approval system in order to curb the nation's rising debt, Sberbank's is the first to combine the lie detector capabilities with the traditional functions of an ATM. Speech Technology Center has previously worked with other prominent agencies such as the Federal Security Service and has been toying with biometric surveillance technology such as facial-recognition and artificial voice greetings to regular customers.

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