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July 12, 2010

  • News:  Credit Card Fraud; How Do They Do It? 59

    In Galax, Virginia, police have arrested two individuals on charges of credit card theft thanks to the transaction information on the card statement. Neisha Jane Keith and Christopher Richard Walls is spending time in jail after police tracked them down off of information on the victim's credit card statement showing the retailers where the two had visited and used the stolen card. After checking with the retailers, police officers Mark Burnett and Jason Hawks were able to identify Keith and Walls as the thieves. The two allegedly stole the credit card from the victim's purse while at the Crossroads Institute. The thieves racked up over $800 in fraudulent transactions at several local retailers including the Shoe Department, Wal-Mart, and Ciro's. After the arrest, police discovered that Walls was wanted in South Carolina on felony charges. In addition to the charges relating to the stolen card, Walls was also charge with being a fugitive.

    The New York Police Department is hosting a major international credit card thief who was part of a global cybercrime ring. Egor Shevelev from Kiev, Ukraine was extradited to the United States from Greece where he was originally arrested in 2008 for stealing over 75,000 credit card numbers. After stealing the card information, Shevelev sold the numbers to other thieves who used the numbers to steal millions of dollars as well as personal identities. He pleaded not guilty to charges of enterprise corruption as well as a number of other charges and is being held in a New York jail without bond.

    In Uniontown, Pennsylvania a man faces multiple charges after racking up nearly $7,000 in fraudulent credit card charges on a Sears card. William Lee Kubia allegedly stole the Sears card from Christin Kubia. Although the two share the same last name, it is not known if they are related. State Police charged Kubia with 36 counts each of forgery, access device fraud and theft by deception. Wilaim Kubia is being held in the Fayette County Jail in lieu of $20,000 bail, pending a preliminary hearing.

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