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July 07, 2010

  • News:  CC Thieves Abuse TDDY

    Last year several small restaurant owners became the victim of a credit card scam that caused them not only several hundred dollars in cash but the work and cost of preparing large party catering meals. The scam which rushed throughout the United States continues to be a problem for a small restaurant owner in Chico, California. The scam works with the use of the TDDY, a telephone communication service for the deaf. The thief calls the restaurant placing a large order and provides a credit card number. After a few days, the caller calls again and says they will be hiring a driver to pick up the order which will cost an additional $200. The caller ask the restaurant owner to add the $200 to the credit card transaction and then ask that the $200 in cash be given to the driver.

    Henry Fong, the owner of the Rice Bowl restaurant in Chico said he was contacted by such a caller. However, he was one of the fortunate ones that discovered the whole thing was a credit card fraud scam before making any payout. Fong gives all the credit to a Western Union employee. Fong had received a third call via the TDDY service telling him that the event had been postponed and that he should refund the $200 via a Western Union Moneygram. While at Western Union, the employee told Fong that there had been a number of incidents involving the same type of credit card transactions to other merchants. The employee believed it was a scam.

    By this time, Fong had already begun the preparations for the order which had cost him time and money. He wasn't willing to take the risk of losing more. The authorities have been notified and have at least one email address as a lead. At this point, investigators are not certain if the credit card thieves are really deaf or just posing to be deaf to take advantage of the TDDY service. Fong for one believes it is an injustice to those individuals who are hearing impaired to have a criminal abuse a valuable service. 

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