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July 26, 2010

  • News:  IA State Athlete Arrested On Credit Card Theft

    You never know who you can trust now-a-days around your personal belongings; a talented football player and rising athlete from Iowa State University is the subject of a recent investigation into credit card fraud. Defensive back David Sims allegedly stole the credit card from a Des Moines woman and then used it to make several unauthorized transactions. Veronica Gonzalez reported the incident after noticing the unauthorized transactions on her card statement. After a short investigation, Aims Police Department acquired a search warrant for Sims apartment. According to Aims Police Commander Mike Brennan, during the search police found several of the items that were purchased with the stolen credit card.

    Soon after police searched his apartment, Sims was arrested and charged him with unauthorized use of a credit card; a misdemeanor punishable by law for up to two years in prison and a possible $6,250 fine. Sims's coach, Paul Rhoads said he has spoken with David and has suspended him from the team according to the student athlete discipline policy. Rhoads noted that Sims will face disciplinary action within the Iowa State athletic department as a result of the credit card fraud incident. Sims has also been relieved of his team co-captain position. Rhoads said considering this is Sims first infraction, the discipline policy calls for an indefinite suspension from games and possibly from practice.

    It doesn't appear that the credit card theft incident will permanently remove Sims from the Iowa State football team, considering the fact that Coach Rhoads noted that Sims remains on the depth chart. Sims is also expected to remain on the team and be either on the bench or playing in September 2nd's season opener against Northern Illinois University. It was reported by courts on-line, that Sims is scheduled to appear in court next week which could mean that he misses out on the State's annual football media day on Wednesday.

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