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July 05, 2010

  • News:  iTune Hacker Steals Users' Credit Card Info

    You would need to search long and hard before coming across an American who does not own an iPod, mp3 player, or some other wireless technology that would accept downloadable music from the internet. Just the same, it would be difficult to find an American without a credit card in the pocket. Put the two together and you might have an iTunes customer. Include in the picture and avid reader and a thief. What do you have? A hacker. An online thief who hacks into the security systems of vulnerable retailers and other organizations to steal credit card account information. These hackers either turn around and sell the credit card information to other criminals or used the cards for their own gain.

    The newest incident of a major breach of security occurred this past week with the popular iTunes website where consumers use their debit and credit cards to pay for music and book downloads. The breach was discovered after a number of suspicious purchases occurred by a Thuat Nguyen for several book apps. After an initial investigation, it became apparent that the purchases were done with stolen credit card information. By the time the breach was discovered, the phony Nguyen had already downloaded 42 of the available books using stolen card numbers. Most of the unauthorized transactions range between $40 and $50.

    Legitimate iTunes users wasted no time in getting the word out as many posted blogs on various website. One victim said he was contacted by his credit card company that there had been over ten criminal transactions on iTunes totaling over $550. Another cardholder said the lender, Bank of America notified him that there were suspicious transactions on the account. Bank of American closed the account and reissued the cardholder a new card. At this point, iTunes does not have an exact count or additional details on how the hacker got into their system, however, they are asking all iTune users keep close watch on their accounts and notify their lender and local police department should they notice any suspicious activity.

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