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July 15, 2010

  • News:  Trojan Invades Visa And MasterCard

    If you bank online, you'll want to hear more about the Zeus/Zbot Trojan. A section of the security systems of credit card giants Visa and MasterCard of 15 United States banks have been attacked. Specifically, the Verified phase of the SecureCode verification systems was the target of the breaking. Ironically, this system was put in place in recent years to ensure that credit card thieves could not gain the cardholder's personal information by using an old-style card not present (CNP) activity. A Trojan is malicious software known as malware that appears to be a legitimate request from a bank, credit card company, or other internet website The malware produces a screen which prompts the user to run or install a program prior to receiving access to the website. Once in, the hacker gains unauthorized access of the user's computer system and is able to steal banking information and other valuable information as the user continues to conduct online business.

    In the latest attack of the Zeus/Zbot Trojan, after gaining access to the individual's computer is able to capture banking and credit card information when the user signs into his/her account. The Trojan then sends the information to a server controlled by the thief. Since regular users have already signed up and a password is all that is required to enter the website, the latest attack has been aimed at new users. However, previously established shopping and credit card users could be vulnerable if they follow directions to follow another link that requires they enter their information.

    Trusteer, an eSecuirty system that specializes in the Zeus/Zbot, said the attackers targeted online users from 15 United States banks/credit card companies. A list of the companies breached has not yet been released. However, it is know that the thieves used Visa and MasterCard verifications which covers a major portion of the U.S. Other card networks are American Express and Discover Financial which have not been mentioned as targets in this latest attack. The best advice for any online user is to be aware of any popup screens that prompt you to enter personal information or passwords. If in doubt, call your lender or banker.

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