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June 15, 2011

  • News:  Capital One Launches Click Card 

    Capital One is seeking a new client base in the UK. The newly launched Click Card is a reward credit card aimed at online shoppers. It's a departure from the typical credit boosting credit cards for customers with poor credit history. The credit card is meant to provide significant discounts if you shop at retailers associated with the card. For the first six months, customers get unlimited access to deals like a 50 percent discount on selected events through the ticket website Viagogo, 30 percent with and 20 percent at as well as 25 percent off travel packages purchased with TravelPack. To get these deals, the customer must use the customized extra plus website to purchase the goods. New discounts will be sent out every three months. The card has an attractive interest rate of 9.94 percent and offers the same purchase protection insurance and identity theft assistance as a typical Capital One card.

    The fine print dictates the terms and conditions of these deals. For example, the 30 percent discount at doesn't include some expensive items like game consoles, laptops and mobile phones. And the travel discounts only apply to "featured" packages for a minimum of two people. It's always best to read the fine print, as credit card rewards can be tricky to sort out. Despite the loopholes, this credit card can lead to significant savings on the current offers.

    Capital One requires a very good credit history for this particular credit card and the customer is more likely to be approved if they are a homeowner, over 21 and earn at least 20,000 pounds. Experts warn users to make sure the purchase is a good value before blindly putting it on the card. For shoppers who prefer to shop online and have a good credit standing, this could be an attractive offer.

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