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June 14, 2011

  • News:  Credit Card Fraud; How Do They Do It? 111

    Two suspects were arrested by Orlando Police on grounds of credit card counterfeiting. Joan Rodriguez de la Torre and Isabel Rodriguez-Nazario claim they were acting under the instruction of another individual to use fake credit cards to purchase Universal Studios' theme park tickets and then sold them for $30 each. According to the two fraudsters, another person approached them in Miami and told them they would be paid $30 for each ticket they bought with the counterfeit cards. The duel sold the tickets at a number of Orlando hotels and on Craigslist. Universal Studio employees called the police after becoming suspicious of the couples behavior as they went from one ticket booth to another and that the cards would not scan requiring manual entry. In addition to purchasing the theme park tickets, the two suspects also used the fake cards to purchase a variety of including a GPS system that was recovered by the police during their arrest.

    A Jamaican man will spend the next three years in a Jamaica prison after being found guilty on six counts of money laundering and conspiracy. Roshan Shaw used a stolen Chase credit card of an American to rack up over $21,855.50 worth of appliances over the internet. Shaw used the card to purchase the merchandise from the Florida Builders Appliance. Police authorities believe Shaw was just one individual involved in a multi-million dollar international credit card scheme. Shaw's arrest was a joint effort between the Organized Crime Investigation Division and the US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    An underage juvenile was arrested along with another woman after a routine traffic stop uncovered a stolen credit card. The juvenile who was driving the car told Northbrook, Illinois Police that he did not steal the card but that it had been given to him another woman who told him to use it. Police tracked down the woman and questioned her about the card. She admitted that she had taken the card from a friend's car and gave it to the juvenile and suggested he use it.

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