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June 10, 2011

  • News:  NY Police Nab Credit Card Thieves 

    After trying to make a credit card purchase on Thursday, two men from Brooklyn were found with stolen cards and drivers' licenses. The men were reported to the Paramus Police Department when they tried to make a credit card purchase for $1,653.15. On a routine patrol of the Garden State Plaza in New Jersey, the officer received a call from Nordstrom's that a suspicious male was trying to make a purchase but was unsuccessful. According to the police, when the credit card was not authorized, the suspect left the store and drove off in a Toyota Camry with New York plates along with another man. The vehicle was then located in the northern parking lot near the Nordstrom's and the officer observed one man exit the vehicle, enter the store, then exit and return to the vehicle a short time later.

    The officer approached the Toyota to interview the two suspects about the alleged attempt of credit card fraud when the driver started to pull out of the parking space. After an attempt to escape, both suspects were apprehended, and an investigation took place at the scene. The suspects were found to have six fraudulent credit cards and three fake New York driver's licenses as well as the personal information of four victims of identity theft, according to police.

    Orlando St. Paul and Omoruvi Wellington, both of Brooklyn, New York were arrested. St. Paul was charged with possession of stolen credit cards, possession of fraudulent government identification and attempted use of stolen cards. Wellington was charged with attempted use of stolen cards, eluding police in a motor vehicle, possession of stolen cards and identity theft. He was also issued motor vehicle summonses for leaving the scene of an accident, failure to stop for an emergency vehicle, unlicensed driving, uninsured motorist, careless driving and reckless driving.

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