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June 08, 2011

  • News:  Savings For Smart UK Shoppers 

    Managing credit cards is a global issue whereby no nation is exempt from the dangers of card debt. Brits are not exempt from falling into trouble and having difficulty in digging themselves out. However, during these tuff economic times, many Brits have come to depend on their credit cards to meet the daily needs of their family. If managed properly, cardholders can actually save money by choosing the right credit card. Cash back cards are most likely the easiest way to save. These cards award cardholders a small percentage of each purchase which can be used in place of cash when applied toward the debt balance.

    From time to time, cash back cards will offer double rewards for certain purchases such as food for a limited time period. Others will offer a zero percent interest free period on select credit card purchases. Barclaycard Platinum card is an example of this type of card that offers a 20 month zero percent balance transfer plus a zero percent three month period on purchases. Another attractive offer comes with the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card which offers cardholders a zero percent on all purchases during the first 15 months following the account opening date. This card also offers a zero percent balance transfer offer for a 15 month period.

    Managing credit card debt can often be difficult. Card purchases typically make it easier for shoppers to act on impulse buying which can often contribute to spiraling debt. All cardholders are advised to carefully consider their financial management skills prior to deciding whether or not they should use their card for everyday spending. Consumers are also advised to seek out educational services that would assist them in learning more about how credit works and how to best manage it. If you feel confident with your financial management skills, you may be a good candidate for one of these prime cards, if not, the best advice is to put the card away.

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